20 October 2015: Steven Wilson & Markus Reuter

Featuring songs recorded between 2003-2015, Transience is a personally curated introduction to the more accessible side of Steven Wilson's monumental solo output.

A limited edition vinyl only issue scheduled to coincide with the second leg of the Hand. Cannot. Erase. tour, Transience contains a new recording of the Porcupine Tree classic "Lazarus", which Steven has been performing on tour recently with his stellar live band. The new version is based on a live recording, subsequently overdubbed and edited in SW's private studio in July 2015.
Side 1:

1) Transience - single version (3.10)
2) Harmony Korine (5.07)
3) Postcard (4.27)
4) Significant Other (4.31)
5) Insurgentes (3.54)

Side 2:

1) The Pin Drop (5.01)
2) Happy Returns - edit (5.11)
3) Deform to Form a Star - edit (5.53)
4) Thank You (4.39)

Side 3:

1) Index (4.47)
2) Hand Cannot Erase (4.13)
3) Lazarus - 2015 recording (3.57)
4) Drive Home (7.33)

Side 4:

Released October 12, 2015

Markus' parts recorded live in concert with Stick Men in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, May and early June 2015. Post-production and restoration by Erik Emil Eskildsen.

Overdubbed by my musician friends, who were present at at least one of the performances of my recordings: As a Stick Men member, Pat was at all shows. Fernando, Wayne, and Alex were in the audience at the show in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lilian and Luciano were our opening act at the concert in Mendoza, Argentina.

Wayne Krantz: Electric guitar (Track 6)
Alex Anthony Faide: Electric guitar (Tracks 2, 5, and 8)
Fernando Kabusacki: Electric guitar (Tracks 4 and 9)
Lilian Giubetich: Cello (Tracks 3 and 10)
Luciano Pietrafesa: Electric guitar (Tracks 7 and 10)
Pat Mastelotto: hotel/van/plane laptop drumming (Track 1)

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Markus Reuter for Unsung Productions, September and October 2015


Markus plays Touch Guitars® AU8 and Red Panda pedals.

Download this album for free by clicking here.

06 October 2015: Explosions in the Sky & Kodiak Electronic Musician Dawn Tuesday

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Featuring a collaboration between Texas post-rock band Explosions in the Sky and film composer Steve Jablonsky, who scored the Transformers movies and director Peter Berg's last film, Battleship, the original score for Lone Survivor splits the difference between the plaintive and the pounding. Based on the book of the same name, the score sets the mood for a film about a Navy SEAL mission that goes bad for a team working behind enemy lines, beautifully evoking the anxiety and intensity of the onscreen action. As a band whose sound feels cinematic all on its own, Explosions in the Sky continue to impress with their work on the big screen, and the soundtrack for Lone Survivor proves to be yet another impressive notch in their belt.

Alaskan Native eccentric music producer and visionary artist atmospheric sound design. Dawn Tuesday this name is unique just as I am* sensitive, happy, sincere and very clear and honest! Great intuition which is amazingly developed. How did I get this name? Well I came from two strong very in love parents. One afternoon my parents went for a walk on the beach of Kodiak Island Alaska where my mom's from. in Alaska. It was a beautiful calm day. They sat and watch the beauty of the blue sky and ocean. My mom picked up few round flat rocks and started writing girl names for a daughter she would one day have. My parents already had a boy name, she pondered on names. And as she gazed up the sky at the sun knowing how beautiful when the sun dispersed darkness, so does a beautiful daughter dispel loneliness. She wrote on a oval gray rock and wrote ( Dawn Tuesday ) My father was amazed at the name and hugged kissed my mom's forehead, I was born two years later. And this is even more amazing I was born at Dawn on Tuesday; I loved music from early child hood. My father's and mother's favorite music was most all classic rock, oldies and much of all music. In my school "daze", was music class. I got my first electric guitar for my 13th birthday. And today I make Electronic Music!