26 April 2016: Live Cuts from my Past, Part Two

As KMXT's Spring Fundraiser continues, tonight's show is a continuation of last week's playlist of live music I've had the good fortune to experience.  The theme for the Fundraiser is "Live Music";  I encourage you to call 486-3181 or go to kmxt.org and pledge your support to our local public radio station.

Tonight's Playlist:
War Pigs                     Black Sabbath
I'm Eighteen               Alice Cooper
Monster                      Steppenwolf
Tarkus                        Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Lazy                           Deep Purple
Supper's Ready          Genesis
Echoes                       Pink Floyd
Revenant                   Porcupine Tree
Last Regret (demo)   Steven Wilson

19 April 2016: Live Cuts from my Past

Tonight's show follows the theme of KMXT's Spring Fundraiser - Live Music.   Pledge your support at kmxt.org
I'll be playing two hours of live music that I have had the privilege of seeing the original bands play in concert.   Enjoy!

In-A-Gada-Da-Vida         Iron Butterfly
Can You See Me              Glass Harp
Heart of the Sunrise         Yes

Thick as a Brick               Jethro Tull  (Although I have seen the full concert, I'll play the Bursting Out 12 minute version)
Anesthetize                      Porcupine Tree
Cinema Show                  Genesis
Revenant                         Porcupine Tree
I Drive the Hearse           Porcupine Tree

05 April 2016: Rebekah Eden & Sleep

The latest release from Rebekah Eden, Rowing in Eden.  This is a superb album - her vocals are beautiful and the arrangements are excellent.  Includes material co-written and produced by Blow Up Hollywood's Steve Messina.   From her website: 
"Rebekah is proud to announce the release of her new album, Rowing in Eden!
The breathtakingly beautiful songs transport us out of the noise of the world and into a place of gratitude, peace, beauty and heart."
Jerusalem and Dopesmoker are the final albums by the American heavy metal band Sleep. The albums were released in 1999 and 2003 respectively. The music for these albums was written during a four-year period when the group was working on a single song that was around an hour in length. Sleep had signed with London Records, which financed the album. When recording had finished, London Records was unhappy with the finished product and refused to release it. The album was later released in various forms by different record labels. All versions of the album received very positive reception from music critics, who described it as a high-water mark in both the stoner metal and doom metal genres.