21 November 2017: Airbag & Markus Reuter

AIRBAG's first release on KARISMA RECORDS.

Norwegian Airbag's 'Identity' gives us the sound of rich classic progressive rock blended with scenic soundscapes, epic guitars and soulful vocals.

The sound of classic progressive rock blended with scenic soundscapes, epic guitars and soulful vocals – as legendary Classic Rock Magazine said: “prog at its most chilled, honeyed and soothing.”

In the second half of tonight's show, we'll feature a live performance from touch guitarist, Markus Reuter. 






Performed and recorded live on August 12 2016 at Teatro José Rubén Romero, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

Presented here mixed down to stereo, and in slightly edited form, that is with shortened intros. "Black Sky" was orginally played as one long continuous piece, but was split into two parts for this release.

An 8-channel playback system was used for the concert, and the pieces were conceived more as "sound sculptures" than traditional concert pieces.

Write to info@markusreuter.com should you be interested in an unedited 5.1 mix of this concert, which was created by the renowned Mexican sound engineer Carlos Cortes.


released November 20, 2017

Markus Reuter: Instant composition, Touch Guitars® AU8, Processing

Mixed and mastered by Markus Reuter using a Moon by Simaudio Neo 230HAD headphone amp/DAC.


The cover artwork is a fragment of the mural "Gente y paisaje de Michoacán" by Alfredo Zalce.

Touch Guitar®

Driver and local support: Carlos Cortes

Thanks to CMMAS (www.cmmas.org) for the invitation to play in Morelia. In particular I would like to thank these wonderful people: Sebastian Torrella Reinoso, Paulina López Salazar, Silvia de la Cueva plus all the rest of the CMMAS team.

Very special thanks to my friends Carlos Cortes, Daniel Rosas, and Sergio Osvaldo Camacho for their assistance and for keeping me company, and George Bley for everything else.