27 November 2018: People Folk and Blue Tech (DiN57)

NOTE:  I'll also be hosting the "Rural Electric Show" from 7-9 pm Alaska Standard Time this same night.   FreeForm featuring the People Folk and Blue Tech begins at 9 pm AST.

Album release: Friday, July 13, 2018.

People Folk is a five-piece folk-rock band with a concept album related to popular characters, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes. 
Guitar, cello, flute, percussion, and a blend of harmonies give off a variety of sounds where there's something for everyone. 

Liner notes from Cellist/vocalist Mary Gaughan:
The fairytale concept of the album was inspired  guitarist, George Macias, who has 3 young daughters and every single night would read his daughters fairy tales before they went to sleep. Slowly over time he began writing songs that encompassed these beloved stories that his daughters loved so much. From there, the band was formed in California through meeting at mutual open mic gatherings and collaborated together on unfinished songs, created individual instrumental parts, unique harmonies, and each member also has an original song featured on the album (mine is Wishing Well). The album took a little over 3 years to fully complete because after the band was fully formed, we had 4 months left before I moved back to Arizona and George moved to Pennsylvania. In those short 4 months, we finished the songs, performed many of them in the southern California area, and recorded all at the same time. Once George and I moved away, we then had to do the rest of the recording, planning, and producing long distance, which is why it took so long to fully finish the project. Even though the band is now split, 3 original members (Chase, Kaitlin, and Ronald) still live in California and continue to perform the songs and they are actually writing new songs for a potential second album, featuring many more beloved fairy tales.

You can purchase the cd and/or a digital download here:  https://peoplefolk.bandcamp.com/album/timeless-tales
1.Roast Ribs 04:08

2.Little Red 04:10

3.Tin Man 05:46

4.Wishing Well 03:50

5.Mary 02:59

6.Naughty in Me 02:50

7.If I Fall 04:58

8.Around the Bend 05:10

9.The Surface 04:36

10.Claudia Maria 03:33

11.Humpty 04:17

Evan Bartholomew has been performing electronic music for nearly 20 years as Bluetech, Evan Marc, Invisible Allies (with Kilowatts), and is one of the founders of MicrodoseVR, with Android Jones and the Vision Agency team. He is an internationally recognised touring music producer with over 27 album/EP releases in the last 15+ years, and has a seasoned portfolio of video game and film/tv scoring credits. Bluetech is a master of analogue and modular sound synthesis and DSP audio manipulation, and brings a passion for sound design and cutting edge audio exploration into all the work he touches. His music transcends the constructs normally associated with a calculated “electronic artist,” pursuing music with meaning and purpose in various styles like ambient and downtempo, future bass, and techno.

“Liquid Geometries” sees him exploring shifting, fractal landscapes of melodic, sequenced lines using a huge range of analogue modular synthesisers. With a distinct nod to the Berlin School masters of the past he upgrades that musical heritage with nine shimmering soundscapes utilising modern production techniques to create beautiful tapestries of sound. These benefit from repeated, deep listening as there are so many details and interlaced patterns that will reveal themselves over time. Evan also invited DiN... more
released November 16, 2018

Buy this and other cds/digital downloads at    http://www.dinrecords.bandcamp.com/

Composed & Produced by Evan Bartholomew for Tribal Alchemy Media, ASCAP
Mastered by Shawn @ Audibleoddities.com

Eurorack Modular Gear:
Verbos, Intellijel, Random Source Serge, 4ms, Synthesis Technology, WMD, Mutable Instruments, Make Noise, Rossum Electro, Mannequins, Hexinverter, Xaoc, Alright Devices, System 80, Music Thing Modular, ALM, Magpie Modular & Strymon

MU Modular:
Moon Modular, Synthesizers.com, Free State FX, STG Soundlabs & Synthcube

Moog Voyager, David Smith Prophet 6 & Korg Arp Odyssey

FX Pedals:
Strymon, Eventide, Empress, Earthquaker Devices & Shift Line

Ableton Live, Soundtoys & Native Instruments Reaktor

Analogue Systems French Connection & Make Noise O-Coast on Track #7 by: Ian Boddy
all rights reserved
Bardo Waves 06:41
Vessels 07:34
Helix 05:17
Crystalline Forms 06:22
Subterranea 05:17
Dawn Ascent 07:16
Tranquility Gate 07:52
Resonating Heart 05:41
Underground Lakes 06:09