13 August 2019: Space Rock! Ozric Tentacles & Oresund Space Collective

From Wikipedia:
Sunrise Festival, released in 2008, was a live album from the Ozric Tentacles, recorded 1 June 2007 at the Sunrise Celebration Festival, Somerset, England.[1] This recording marks the return of Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton to the band, who had left in 1995 to form Eat Static. The second disc is a DVD containing a bonus track "The Throbbe" following "Erpland."

Track listing

  1. "...Blimey!" – 3:20
  2. "O-I" – 3:46
  3. "Vita Voom" – 4:41
  4. "Jurassic Shift" – 13:00
  5. "Sunrise Jam" – 8:35
  6. "Erpland" – 6:14
  7. "Snakepit" – 4:47
  8. "Eternal Wheel" – 10:31
  9. "White Rhino Tea" – 6:45
  10. "Tidal Convergence" - 10:22

The band

We'll be playing the final track from the Oresund Space Collective album, Different Creatures, released November 14, 2015 : 
From their Bandcamp page:  We are a music collective from Denmark and Sweden that play totally improvised space rock music. We have released 29 records since 2006. Music for your mind to escape the Matrix...
 The band on this release was the following:
(in alphabetical order)
Alex - Drums and Percussion
Dr Space - Analog Synthesizers
Hasse - Bass, DounDouns
Jonas - Hammond, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Guitar*
Jonathan - Guitar, Violin, Theremin, Hammond*, Electric Mandolin
KG - Sitar and Analog Synths
Mattias - Guitar, Pedal Steel, Shaker
Mats – Guitar, Bass**

*on The Man From Wales
**on Juggle the Juice, Digestive Raga, Bon Voyage


released November 14, 2015

Recorded live at the Black Tornado Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct 24-26th 2014.
Mixed in the Magnetic Satellite hovering above Stockholm, Sweden by Jonathan Segel with spiritual guidance from Hasse.
Mastered at Gyroscope Studios, Stockholm, by Frank Sanderson.
Artwork by Mårdøn Smet.
CD and LP layout by David Graham.
Fotos by Sabine Pottien.
released on Space Rock Productions, SRP030
500 copies on CD & 500 copies on Vinyl
(200x black / 300x yellow (side A/B) - orange (side C/D) - blue (side E/F)

04 June 2019: the abyss inside us / B4D-W0LF / Drone Islands compilation

I will be hosting Rural Electric, (Mostly Country) from the 7-9 pm, the two hour block preceding FreeForm Radio.  Tune in for some great country tunes, then stick around for experimental & ambient tunes on FreeForm.

Nikos Togaridis drums/programming
Kwstas Voutzoulidis guitars

Earth two is the name of debut album of "the abyss inside us".   We will be spotlighting three tracks: "floating among the stars", "nebula", and "circuits".

Genre:Ambient/electronic combined with post rock elements from Athens, Greece.
(5 track album coming out in Summer of 2019)

Αbout "Earth 2" :

Planet Earth,Future.We are so technologically advanced that we have developed flying saucers (from N.Tesla's plans) and A.I. robots to help us build and produce everything we want...but climate change of the planet is Irréversible,poles have melted and the planet is now overheated,90% of Earth is covered by sea.Humans have discovered a new place to live,a planet like Earth...Earth 2.

Digital Art cover by Lance Reed
all rights reserved 
You can find them on Facebook.

Tags ambient abyssinside cinematic experimental new age post rock Athens

Dynamite by B4D-W0LF,  released October 2, 2014 on BLACK LODGE MUSIC Solvang, California;  Facebook page.

From the creator, Doreiku Masayoshi,    "Thanks for liking an album I made when I was 17 on a netbook that could barely run Fl Studio 11".  He lists his residence as Wolf Point, Montana.
We'll be playing tracks 2, 4, 6, and 7.


all rights reserved

Tags anomaly experimental mutant rock Solvang


The bulk of tonight's show will be devoted to the compilation set released by Eighth Tower Records in Italy, Drone Islands - Land Raising.

Pitchfork Media and Allmusic journalist Mark Richardson defined drone music thus: "The vanishing-point music created by drone elders Phill Niblock and, especially, LaMonte Young is what happens when a fixation on held tones reaches a tipping point. Timbre is reduced to either a single clear instrument or a sine wave, silence disappears completely, and the base-level interaction between small clusters of "pure" tone becomes the music's content. This kind of work takes what typically helps us to distinguish "music" from "sound," discards nearly all of it, and then starts over again from scratch."

Since LaMonte Young early experiments till today, drone music has come a long way. Eighth Tower Records is proud to present an anthology featuring 12 projects from artists who work on classic and new stimulating paths for the drone music.


released May 3, 2019


Merchants of Air

© Eighth Tower Records
Curated by Raffaele Pezzella (a.k.a. Sonologyst)
Artwork: Francesco Di Stasio
Mastering: Sonologyst
200 copies limited edition CD
© All rights reserved


all rights reserved

Tags experimental rituals superspectrum ultraterrestrial dark ambient occult Italy



28 May 2019: Blow Up Hollywood / Tidsrymd / Leaving Richmond / Ethereal Ephemera

I will also be hosting the (Mostly) Country show,  Rural Electric, from 7-9 pm, the block before Freeform.

Tonight we begin by featuring the new release from Blow Up Hollywood, Gold.

GOLD is the latest release from the ambient rock band and finds them returning to their roots both sonically and thematically.

Gold is available as a traditional Vinyl LP album, as well as in CD and MP3 formats. Visit the Blow Up Hollywood Shop to purchase your very own copy.

This is a superb album and we think you will agree after hearing it.

Blow Up Hollywood is an underground American rock band. Their eclectic sound, built over a decade of recording, incorporates many different styles, diverse as progressive rock, post-rock, experimental, pop, classical, jazz and ambient soundscapes. Founded by Steve Messina and Nik Chinboukas in 2001, the group has evolved into more of a collective than a band, as some of their members have changed over the years.

We continue tonight's show with the ambient sounds of Tidsrymd from Gothenberg, Sweden and the release I juliaskan, released September 23, 2018; All songs composed and produced by Johan Ohlsson; Mastered by Joakim Westlund.  Their Facebook page here.
Johan Ohlsson:
The EP is called "I juliaskan", which translates "In the Ashes of July". The title came about halfway into making the title track, during the autumn of 2018. What I heard reminded me of the forest fires, which plagued a few areas of Sweden during the summer and were very difficult get under control.

That summer had somewhat of a strange feeling to it, because of recurrent thunder with little or no rain, dry grass everywhere, different reports of the fires and farmers having to make emergency slaughters due to drought. I won't go into politics, but I think during that summer the concept of climate change became something close to home for the first time to a lot of people in Sweden.

"Dagvild" is a Swedish expression, which means that you don't know which day of the week it is. To me, at least, it associatively follows the theme of summer.

The track "Sinnesro" seems to be your typical relaxation music, but it has some slightly unnerving detuning and dissonance in there, to create a sort of contrast.

This is the First EP I've made on my own, after playing in bands for a couple of years, and I made most of it quite fast in a sort of rush of inspiration during my free weekends. I hope you'll enjoy it – or that you'll enjoy something else.

Great Distances is the 7th studio album from the Los Angeles based electronic music project: leaving richmond.

7 lovingly crafted electronic-instrumental tracks to add to your collection

Futurism with a human feel.

Lush melodies and sonic landscapes play with layered evolving beats to create music with meaningful purpose.

I want to soundtrack your thoughts.

The atmospheric, instrumental music of Jordan Pier has made its way into a number of hit TV shows, broadcasts and advertisements and continues to gain new fans year after year.


released May 17, 2019

All tracks composed and mixed by leaving richmond.
All tracks mastered by Bad Bat Records.

Finally, we end the show with the soothing ambient sounds of ethereal ephemera and their latest release, escape to dreamscape.

Two warm and soothing ambient soundscapes.
Drifting, slow and peaceful.

Live improvised recordings using virtual tape loops and a range of sound sources.
More of this sort of thing:


released March 18, 2019

All music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman
at MCos, Manchester, March 2019.

Cover design and photography by Brin Coleman.
Cover photograph: San Francisco, April 2017.

21 May 2019 : Gong - Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Evan Foreman

The Universe Also Collapses
Gong offer an intriguing new model for band longevity. Rather than groups facing the prospect of merely becoming a tribute act to themselves, renewal and regeneration is possible if founding elders are willing to pass the baton on to younger players who don’t just knock out the old standbys, but embrace the spirit and philosophy that fuelled the band in the first place. This is exactly what Daevid Allen planned for Gong, and so far, it’s worked out spectacularly.
If 2016’s Rejoice! I’m Dead! was a confident assertion of the post-Allen band’s musical identity, then The Universe Also Collapses pushes even further out while retaining Gong’s sense of wonderment and mischief. Featuring just four songs, it’s an album that aims to “bridge the worlds of lysergic exploration and quantum physics,” with lyrical themes of rebirth and re-death seeking to rise above the petty affairs of Man… It’s also an attempt to make a genuinely psychedelic record for the 21st century, Kavus Torabi expressing disappointment with most music that goes under that banner these days – instead, “I want to hear music that makes me feel like I’m on drugs.”
Opening 20-minute track Forever Reoccurring makes a pretty good case for achieving this objective, establishing its cosmic credentials upfront with a shimmer of glissando guitar and pulsing synth. Torabi’s weaving vocal is like a spell, a stoned invocation of blissed-out clarity, borne aloft on Dave Sturt’s buoyant bass. There’s a big surge of chords and some excellent angular fretwork from Torabi – in tandem with Ian East’s playful but powerful sax, it’s difficult not to draw favourable comparisons with VdGG and King Crimson in their 70s pomp. It’s unhurried, discursive stuff, but you can practically hear the molecules buzzing in the song’s super-structure.
If Never I’m And Ever You is a short, nervy head-rush after a long trip, before My Sawtooth Wake takes us on another extended journey, only this time the terrain is a good deal bumpier. Fabio Golfetti’s glissando still weaves its magic, but the main riff is a tough, almost funky strut from a band getting ready to enter into battle with itself. There’s a weightless pull-back to the vocal, but the bass keeps bursting through, becoming more encrusted with noise each time. The Elemental brings the album to a blackly upbeat conclusion, East’s sax like the mocking tootling of faery folk as Torabi sings, ‘The world is ending just the same as it began.’ It combines the whimsical with the deadly serious in a way that Allen would surely have approved of.
By Joe Banks

1. Forever Reoccuring
2. If Never I'm Ever You
3. My Sawtooth Wake
4. The Elemental
Materiaal Series, Part XVII

Recording of the performance at Edge Media Space at Farmington High School, Farmington, April 16, 2019.

Composed, programmed, and recorded in real-time by a crazy mind and his laptop, accompanied by Evan Foreman on percussions and electronics. No prepared sequences, patterns, or melodies used.

The Edge Media Space is an experimental multi-media facility at Farmington High School, run by Evan Foreman. The main studio is an inspiring space with an eclectic collection of all kinds of audio-, computer-, video- and synth gear.

Video Set 1

Video Set 2


released May 9, 2019

Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Keyboards and virtual synthesizers, Live-Sequencing
Evan Foreman: Percussion and Electronics

Live Recording: Gabe Gantkin
Editing, mixing and mastering: Markus Reuter
Cover drawing: Christine Kriegerowski

Special thanks to George "G$" Bley

14 May 2019: IDMf / Gerhard Jason / Bards of Antiquity / Tidsrymd

Tonight's show veers away from the mostly electronica full albums of recent programs in order to feature a number of artists who deserve more airplay and recognition.  FreeForm Radio's mission since its beginnings in 1987 has been to play music not usually heard on public or commercial radio.  With the advent of Internet Radio and Streaming Services, it's difficult to find music that hasn't been played elsewhere, so we do our best to spotlight artists who deserve more airplay and recognition.
So here we go!
From the IDMfNetLabel Bandcamp page:
What do you get when a group of IDMf producers join forces to make sweet sweet music together? You get...Date Nite. Our 56th release features the tracks of 10 IDMf artists who paired up for the first time, bringing these 8 beautiful, musical love-children into being. Some are fast, some are slow, some are chill, and some are in your face, but all of these tracks are aimed to please, and were selected by the IDMf community to bring to you.  Their Facebook page is here.

released May 11, 2019

Cover art by Jayson Abalos
Mastering by James Pingel

Released by the IDMforums Netlabel and the community at idmforums.com
May 11, 2019
ambient chillstep drum & bass drumstep electronic idm electronica United Kingdom
From Gerhard Jason's Bandcamp page:
lo-fi for Headphones is an Experiment album infused with elements of Sound Art, Industrial, Spoken Word Poetry, Anti-Folk, and Noise. As a Sound Collage it is at times beautiful, peaceful; hopeful. At other times, it is angry, disturbing, and frightening. It is a little like life in that way. Sometimes it hurts.

lo-fi for Headphones is not intended to be played in a random order, which is why no song can be purchased individually. One song leads into the next. It is a journey. Plug in your headphones and listen from track one through to thirty. Use the first minute or so of the first track to set a comfortable listening level. Sometimes you will have to listen closely to hear what is going on, and that is okay. At other times, the sounds will get quite loud, and that is also okay. It is never so loud that it could damage your eardrums, but it is loud enough to make you uncomfortable.

lo-fi for Headphones is influenced by bands such as Leather Strip and Skinny Puppy; by the song Revolution #9 by The Beatles, and by certain segments of Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, Smile.

released April 16, 2011

Gerhard Jason resides in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He has been playing guitar since 1995 and he began experimenting with different sounds and techniques in 2000, after the birth of his first daughter. lo-fi for Headphones was recorded between 2000 and 2005. In 2011 it was released as a sixteen track EP on Amazon titled, The Beautiful Noise. More recently, Gerhard removed the EP from Amazon’s catalogue and re-imagined it as a full album. Gerhard went back to the tracks that he’d originally recorded, which hadn’t been included in the early 2000s, and gave them the place they deserved. Along with these tracks, for the sake of continuity, Gerhard added three songs that were recorded more recently.

Gerhard is currently at work on an acoustic Anti-Folk album titled, Mixed States. A rough demo, in its entirety, can be heard here: soundcloud.com/gerhard-jason-geick/the-rough-mixed-states-demo

anti-folk electronic experimental guitar industrial mandolin noise sound art anti-folk industrial noise sound art Edmonton
From Bards of Antiquity's Bandcamp page:
Self-exiled star traveler escapes the pressures of existence through severe isolation and deep hibernation, only to succumb to the irresistible pull of dark oblivion.
released October 31, 2017
The Bards of Antiquity is a recording project led by John Vincent Carpetta with guest musicians on select tracks. Self-produced, they craft concept albums telling tales of love and death, inspired by the classics.  Their Facebook page here.
alternative experimental progressive rock adult alternative rock alternative rock psychedelic rock rock space Concord

We end tonight's show with the ambient sounds of our final artist, Tidsrymd from Gothenberg, Sweden and the release I juliaskan, released September 23, 2018; All songs composed and produced by Johan Ohlsson; Mastered by Joakim Westlund.  Their Facebook page here.
Johan Ohlsson:
The EP is called "I juliaskan", which translates "In the Ashes of July". The title came about halfway into making the title track, during the autumn of 2018. What I heard reminded me of the forest fires, which plagued a few areas of Sweden during the summer and were very difficult get under control.

That summer had somewhat of a strange feeling to it, because of recurrent thunder with little or no rain, dry grass everywhere, different reports of the fires and farmers having to make emergency slaughters due to drought. I won't go into politics, but I think during that summer the concept of climate change became something close to home for the first time to a lot of people in Sweden.

"Dagvild" is a Swedish expression, which means that you don't know which day of the week it is. To me, at least, it associatively follows the theme of summer.

The track "Sinnesro" seems to be your typical relaxation music, but it has some slightly unnerving detuning and dissonance in there, to create a sort of contrast.

This is the First EP I've made on my own, after playing in bands for a couple of years, and I made most of it quite fast in a sort of rush of inspiration during my free weekends. I hope you'll enjoy it – or that you'll enjoy something else. 🙂


07 May 2019

I will not be hosting FreeForm Radio this week (May 7); I'll be back next Tuesday with some experimental/ambient/progressive music.

30 April 2019: Ian Boddy "Altair" (DiN59)

Ian Boddy  Altair   (DiN59)

Release date 17th May 2019
Limited to 1,000 copies Digipak Double CD

FreeForm Radio thanks Ian Boddy for providing a preview copy of this remarkable release to share with our listeners.  Please visit his Bandcamp page to order this and other DiN releases.

DiN label boss Ian Boddy has been performing his own brand of ambient electronica since 1979. Over those 40 years he has built up a wealth of experience of what works in a live environment as well as being able to tailor his shows to the particular setting he finds himself in. As well as playing all over the UK and in Germany & The Netherlands he has also crossed the Atlantic several times to play shows in Philadelphia. The main reason for the latter destination is the wonderful community of listeners built up by Chuck van Zyl at The Gatherings series of concerts which provides a dedicated fan base for Boddy’s style of electronic music. Chuck is also the host of the excellent Star’s End Radio show on WXPN in Philadelphia and Boddy has often combined these concert trips with live radio shows for both Star’s End as well as Echoes Radio hosted by John Diliberto.
Thus 2018 ushered in a fresh adventure for Boddy with a new invitation to play at The Gatherings. His past performances have found their way on to releases such as Shrouded (his 2000 show) and React (DiN29) with Robert Rich. Several of his Star’s End live sets have also been released on DiNDDL as download only albums. However the trip in 2018 produced what is in Boddy’s opinion, his best pair of performances to date and so he has decided to release a double live album to showcase this trip. The first disc documents his Gatherings show on the evening of 20th October in the beautiful St. Mary’s Church in Philadelphia whereas the second disc is his live radio show on Star’s End performed at 2am on the Sunday morning immediately after his Gatherings show.
The music on The Gatherings disc features some tracks from his previous studio album As Above So Below (DiN51) as well as new material composed specifically for this concert. Boddy performed the show playing analogue keyboards and a modular set up borrowed over in the USA alongside Ableton Live laptop work. Muscular analogue sequenced grooves are overlaid with atmospheric beds of FX as well as grandiose sweeping chords. The music gradually building up to the climax of the track The Thaumaturge from his As Above So Below album for which the audience certainly show their appreciation.
The second disc from the Star’s End show is a more introspective set with atmospheric string interludes over deep ambient soundscapes. The music gradually crystallises into a delicate sequencer on Spire before the full Berlin School sequencer work out of Apostasy. Full of haunting tones the final track Remnants closes the set which works as a perfect companion disc to the earlier Gatherings concert.
Altair thus shows Boddy at the height of his powers playing two very different concerts within a few hours of each other in very different venues. Produced in a beautiful fold out 6 panel digipak this double CD album is a must for both Boddy fans as well as lovers of live electronic music.

The Gatherings
01 Shrine 9:00
02 Stay 10:09
03 Quantum Of Memory 10:30
04 Incognito 8:55
05 Altair 17:07
06 Two Blocks 13:36
07 The Thaumaturge 8:38
Total Time 77:54

Star’s End
01 Sanctum 8:16
02 Unquiet 9:04
03 Spire 14:13
04 Apostasy 19:23
05 Remnants 12:06
Total Time 63:02

23 April 2019: Beware the Blue Sky / Peter Gabriel

Beware the blue sky are an Icelandic instrumental post-rock band formed in 2016 in Reykjavík.
The band consists of Hilmar Gylfi Guðjónsson (drums), Hlynur Már Árnason (keyboards, guitar), Pétur Haukur Ásgeirsson (bass guitar) and Viktor Aron Bragason (guitar).
FreeForm Radio is proud to feature their debut EP Above Atlas during the first half of tonight's show. 
A collection of four songs, it is an excellent introduction to their music.  We encourage to check them out on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTubeInstagram, and Spotify.

For the remainder of tonight's show, we'll be showcasing Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for the Martin Scorsese movie, The Last Temptation of Christ:  Passion.
Passion (re-released as Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ) is an album released in 1989 by the English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel. It was the first Peter Gabriel album to be released on Real World Records. It is his second soundtrack and eighth album overall. It was originally composed as the soundtrack album for the film The Last Temptation of Christ, but Gabriel spent several months after the film's release further developing the music, finally releasing it as a full-fledged album instead of a movie soundtrack. It is seen as a landmark in the popularisation of world music, and won a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 1990. It was remastered with most of Gabriel's catalogue in 2002. 

As the soundtrack for the film, Gabriel used the resources of the organization he founded, WOMAD, to bring together musicians from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South Asia. He worked with them to create music meant to enhance the mood of the film, but also added a modern ambient musical touch to the original pieces, producing a musical work that has influenced many musicians in the years since its release. Passion introduced many listeners to such artists as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Youssou N'Dour, L. Shankar, and Baaba Maal.
Later in the year a companion album was released, Passion – Sources, featuring additional songs on which Gabriel does not perform. Gabriel described this album as "a selection of some of the traditional music, sources of inspiration, and location recordings."
The cover art for the album, Drawing study for Self Image II (1987), is a mixed media composition by the artist Julian Grater.[10] When re-released, the album was titled Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ due to "legal barriers" according to Gabriel in its liner notes.[11]

2019 04-18: DiN @ 20

DiN | Ian Boddy Newsletter April 2019


DiN @ 20 

It is with great pleasure that I'd like to announce the 20th anniversary of DiN.

If in any way you can help spread this news or feature DiN in your programming or blogs that would be much appreciated.

Yes I can't quite believe it myself. Twenty years of producing & releasing albums on the DiN label. It was in April 1999 that the first 3 albums were released, namely Box Of Secrets (DiN1), Distant Rituals (DiN2) & Strange Geographie (DiN3). Since then there have been 58 physical releases in total on the main DiN label, 22 download only albums on the DiNDDL sub-label & last year the launch of the Tone Science sub-label with the first 2 compilations released on CD featuring various musicians working within the field of new modular.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion an old friend of mine, Sid Smith, who used to frequent Spectro Arts Workshop in my formative years back in 1978 - 1982 has written a nice piece about the history of DiN. Not only is Sid a professional writer (most notably the author of In The Court Of King Crimson) but he also joined myself for several pre-DiN meetings in local pubs whilst I was formulating my ideas for DiN in 1998. It thus seems suitably apt for Sid to give his viewpoint on the DiN label.


To help with the celebratory spirit there will also be free downloads (you can of course feel free to chip a few pennies into the DiN pot) of the 5 current DiN sampler albums as well as the 2 DiNDDL compilation albums. The CD versions of the 5 DiN iNDEX albums will be @ 50% off their usual price so that's just £2.50 (+ VAT where applicable & postage).

iNDEX01 (DiN10) download (covers DiN1 - 9)
iNDEX02 (DiN20) download & CD (covers DiN11 - 19)
iNDEX03 (DiN30) download & CD (covers DiN21 - 29)
iNDEX04 (DiN40) download & CD (covers DiN31 - 39)
iNDEX05 (DiN50) download & CD (covers DiN41 - 49)
Submission 01 (DiNDDL10) download (covers DiNDDL01 - DiNDDL09)
Submission 02 (DiNDDL20) download (covers DiNDDL11 - DiNDDL19)

This special celebratory offer will run until May 17th - which will be the release date for the next DiN album. This will be Altair (DiN59) a double live album of my performances last Autumn in Philadelphia, USA, at the Gatherings Concert series & on the Star's End Radio show.

More news on this in the next Newsletter but for now here is a demo mix of this special album on Soundcloud.

Altair (DiN59) demo mix

16 April 2019: Faust / Riverside

Faust (English: "fist") are a German krautrock band. Formed in 1971 in Wümme, the group was originally composed of Werner "Zappi" Diermaier, Hans Joachim Irmler, Arnulf Meifert, Jean-Hervé Péron, Rudolf Sosna and Gunther Wüsthoff, working with record producer Uwe Nettelbeck and engineer Kurt Graupner.


Faust formed in 1971 in the rural setting of Wümme. They secured a recording contract with Polydor and soon began recording their debut, Faust, which sold poorly but received critical acclaim for its innovative approach and established a devoted fan base. Meifert was sacked shortly afterwards because, as Peron wrote in 2004, "he discussed things, because he had flat buttocks and an absolutely beautiful girlfriend, because he practised every day, because he always kept his room neat and woke up every morning to first wet a cloth he'd put in front of his room to keep the dirt out, because he played such a hard 4/4th that we had to travel into the tongue, ready to drop, ding dong is handsome top."[2]
In 1972 the band recorded its second, slightly more accessible album So Far. Faust became one of the premier bands in the international appreciation of the genre that would eventually be known as krautrock.[3]
Faust became one of the first acts to sign to Richard Branson's Virgin Records, who embarked on a marketing campaign somewhat daring for its time, aimed at introducing Faust to British record-buyers. The Faust Tapes was a cut-and-paste album, which spliced together a large number of bits and pieces from their extensive collection of private recordings not originally intended for release. Virgin issued it at the then price of a single, 48 pence. The Faust Tapes reportedly sold over 100,000 copies but its low price tag rendered it ineligible for a chart placing.[3]
After collaborating with Tony Conrad on the album Outside the Dream Syndicate, Faust recorded Faust IV at Virgin's studios in England. The band broke up in 1975 after Virgin rejected its fifth album (some of the recordings later appeared on the Munich and Elsewhere album), but reissues of their recordings and various additional material through Chris Cutler's Recommended Records maintained a level of interest.
Faust performing in Manchester in 2007.
Faust experimented with the presentation of their early records. Their first album was originally released on clear vinyl, in a clear sleeve with an X-ray of a human fist silkscreened on the outer sleeve. Their second album, So Far, made extensive use of the color black, though inside the sleeve were sheets with a different illustration for each song. The Faust Tapes had a visually unsettling op art cover design by Bridget Riley, while that for Faust IV consisted of a series of blank music stave.

Eye of the Soundscape is an album by Polish progressive rock band Riverside, released on 21 October 2016 through InsideOut Music
The album is a collection of older experimental instrumental pieces in addition to four new tracks: "Where the River Flows", "Shine" (released in Poland as the only single), "Sleepwalkers" and "Eye of the Soundscape".[2] It is the first, and only, posthumous album to feature guitarist Piotr Grudziński after his death on 21 February 2016.

Track listing

All tracks written by Mariusz Duda, Michał Łapaj and Piotr Grudziński.
Disc 1
No.TitleOriginal albumLength
1."Where the River Flows"New song10:53
2."Shine"New song4:09
3."Rapid Eye Movement" (2016 mix)"Schizophrenic Prayer" (single)12:40
4."Night Session - Part One"Shrine of New Generation Slaves (bonus disc)10:40
5."Night Session - Part Two"Shrine of New Generation Slaves (bonus disc)11:35
Total length:49:57
Disc 2
No.TitleOriginal albumLength
1."Sleepwalkers"New song7:19

09 April 2019: Babylon / Kindly Spoken Thieves

Babylon was a progressive rock band from Florida that emerged from the band Helicopter.[2] Babylon was formed in 1976 by Rick Leonard, Rodney Best, Doroccas, J. David Boyko, and Gary Chambers.[3]
They have been compared to Marillion, Gentle Giant, Rush, and Nursery Cryme period Genesis. The members state their main influences as Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator, Happy the Man, Genesis, and others.[4][5]. 
Very Genesis influenced Floridian band who put out a coveted album in the late seventies. This is album is extremely in the Genesis style (like Marillion) yet avoids the commerciality that this band eventually dived headfirst into.) Syn-Phonic also released two bootleg quality live albums from their heyday which show them in a rather muddy light.
Imagine an incredible dynamo of progressive energy in the mold of Nursery Cryme period Genesis, but with some slight punky undertones thrown in as well. Add to this the affected vocals of singer Doroccas, and you have a sound that, while not unlike a high energy version of early Marillion, pre-dated that band by five years. They only released one self-titled studio album around 1978, featuring four long cuts. Hopefully someday that fine album will be reissued on compact disc. A few years ago, two limited issue LPs of their live show were released, (Night Over Never and Better Conditions For The Dead) which included all of the songs from the original album, plus several other tracks not included on the studio LP. While the quality of the recording is no better than an average bootleg, the performance on both of these live albums is incredible.
Babylon, in some ways, is better than Nursery Cryme-era Genesis, although certainly not nearly as innovative, given that their album was recorded in '77. Detectable influences include peak-period Genesis, Gentle Giant, a bit of Zeppelin, even. The vocalist has a very high voice, Plant-like in tone, but phrased more like early Gabriel (if you can imagine that). There's some vague resemblance to Rush, but much more progressive and less metallic. I wish they'd been better recorded; the home-grown qualities of the studio album detract from its appeal, though it's certainly better than the "bootleg quality" ascribed to those live albums. If some really exceptional remastering (or remixing!) is done for the CD reissue, this could be a major winner!


  • Babylon (1978, reissued 1995 and 1999)
  • Night Over Never: Live at the Empty Keg 1 (1989)
  • Better Conditions for the Dead: Live at the Empty Keg 2 (1989/2002)
The electronic and ambient collaboration of Steve Setzepfandt and Josh Wittman out of the Minneapolis, MN area.
Recorded from beginning of 2016 to the end of 2018. It is the first album released by the duo under the moniker, Kindly Spoken Thieves.
released March 30, 2019

All tracks recorded, mixed, and performed by Steve Setzepfandt and Josh Wittman

Cover Art By: Artem Gordienko
Titled: "Anthropomorphism"
Instagram: www.instagram.com/gordienko.artem/

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02 April 2019: In Memory of JB

Tonight's show will be two hours of jazz dedicated to the memory of JB Heineman,
 a talented musician, teacher, surveyor, and host of Sunday Night Jazz who recently passed away.
His influence on the music scene in Kodiak cannot be overestimated.

26 March 2019: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard / Kansas / Asaf Sirkis

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard is an Australian rock band formed in 2010 in Melbourne, Victoria.[1][2] The band consists of Stu Mackenzie (vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute), Ambrose Kenny-Smith (vocals, harmonica, keyboards), Cook Craig (guitar, vocals), Joey Walker (guitar, vocals), Lucas Harwood (bass), Michael Cavanagh (drums, percussion), and Eric Moore (drums, percussion, management). They are known for their energetic live shows and prolific recording output, having released 13 studio albums since their formation.
King Gizzard'sfull-length album, Sketches of Brunswick East, a collaboration with Alex Brettin's psychedelic jazz project Mild High Club, was released on 18 August 2017.[47] Taking inspiration from Miles Davis' 1960 album Sketches Of Spain, as well as the band's base recording location of Brunswick East in Melbourne, it is a jazz-improvisational album. Mackenzie described the record as "perhaps representing greater changes that are happening in the wider world, and (this is) our attempt to find beauty within a place that we spend so much time", referring to the constant changes in their neighbourhood.
"Listening to Asaf Sirkis" at work, two things are immediately obvious: passion and commitment. Blessed with technical skills that are disarmingly under-played, his middle-Eastern sensibility balances the potentially volcanic with the meditative and reflective. A master of creative surprise, it’s on the edge of your seat listening when Asaf’s in town." - Dr. Bill Bruford

MoonJune Music Recommends Series:
ASAF SIRKIS " Full Moon"
featuring One Of Today's Most Versatile And talented Drummers

Tracks selected by Leonardo Pavkovic.

Featuring Aris Daryono, Ben Waghorn, Bernard Gregor-Smith, Carl Orr, Carles Benavent, Chris Garric, Demi Garcia, Dusan Jevtovic,  Dwiki Dharmawan, Eyal Maoz, Frank Harrison, Fred T. Baker, Gabi Fortuna, Gabi Mayer, Geoff Eales, Gilad Atzmon, Guillermo Rozenthuler, James Pearson, John Turville, Kevin Glasgow, Kobi Arad, Lizzie Ball (6), Mark Wingfield, Markus Reuter, Mike Outram, Nguyên Lê, Pat Bettison, Reem Kelani, Robert Wyatt, Saat Syah, Steve Lodder, Sylwia Bialas, Tassos Spiliotopoulos, Tom Mason, Vasil Hadzimanov, Yaron Stavi. 
Asaf Sirkis by John Kelman

After establishing himself as an in-demand drummer and percussionist in his home country of Israel, Asaf Sirkis' career began an greater upward trajectory upon moving to London, England in 1999. In addition to garnering significant critical praise for his own groups - most notably his Messiaen-informed Inner Noise, with guitarist Mike Outram and organist Steve Lodder, and his Asaf Sirkis Trio, with guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos and bassist Yaron Stavi - Sirkis has also made important contributions to the music of other emergent artists based in the UK. Bringing a unique pan-cultural vision to reed and woodwind multi-instrumentalist Tim Garland's Lighthouse Trio, fellow Israeli expat, reed multi-instrumentalist Gilad Atzmon's Orient house Ensemble and Swiss guitarist Nicolas Meier's Group, Sirkis has also recorded with artists including reed multi-instrumentalist Klaus Gesing (Norma Winstone, Anouar Brahem), pianist Glauco Venier (Norma Winstone), guitarists Phil Robson (Partisans), pianist Gwilym Simcock (Tim Garland, The Impossible Gentlemen) and double bassist Yuri Golubev (Gwilym Simcock, Alex Hutton).

More recently, Sirkis has been working in a collaborative quartet with singer Sylvia Bialas, which also features keyboardist Frank Harrison and bassist Patrick Bettison, but perhaps most significant is his recent affiliation with New York's MoonJune Records. Sirkis made his first MoonJune appearance alongside fellow Israeli expat, bassist Yaron Stavi, on guitarist Mark Wingfield's critically acclaimed Proof of Light, but the fall of 2016 will see the percussionist's involvement with the label accelerate significantly.

Sirkis made his second MoonJune showing in September 2016 on Dwiki Dharmawan's Pasar Klewar, an ambitious double-disc set that also includes other names either already familiar or destined to become so to MoonJune fans in the coming year; in addition to Wingfield, guitarist Nicolas Meier, Yaron Stavi, Italian vocalist Boris Savoldelli and Gilad Atzmon all join Sirkis in making the Indonesian pianist/keyboardist's sophomore effort for MoonJune a truly earth-shattering, trans-cultural affair that blends unrepentant jazz improvisation with music indigenous to Dharmawan's home country.

Coming in the early 2017, the result of an intensive six days' recording in Barcelona, Spain this past winter will see no fewer than four MoonJune releases involving Sirkis: first, the percussionist joins Stavi, Wingfield and progressive trio Stick Men's touch guitarist Markus Reuter for The Stone House; following that, a collaborative trio recording with Wingfield, Reuter and Sirkis; a new Wingfield recording with Stavi and Sirkis; and, finally, a new recording from Serbian guitarist Dusan Jevtovic - whose MoonJune debut, 2014's Am I Walking Wrong?, was well-received by critics and fans alike - that will include Sirkis, in addition to fellow Serb, pianist Vasil Hadzimanov.

It's a busy year ahead for the London-based percussionist, and that's only counting recordings that have already been made. With Sirkis' remarkable ability to fit into any musical context and sound like he's been at it for his entire life, things can only look even further up for this tremendously talented, empathically intuitive and, above all, supremely musical percussionist. 

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