Featured Band 27 April 2010: Dogma (Brazilian Progressive Rock Band)

Dogma biography
DOGMA was an excellent progressive band from Brazil. The music performed on these two great albums is at the same time symphonic and melodious. Their compositions are very melodic relying on symphonic keyboard arrangements and some superb guitar interventions from Fernando CAMPOS. The guitarist has some Steve ROTHERY, Mike OLDFIELD echoes or Steve HACKETT style. The group's music is mainly influenced by GENESIS and CAMEL.

DOGMA'S debut album, Album, is definitely British in style with its long instrumental tracks of excellent melodic music in the neo-progressive vein.

Twin Sunrise is considered their best work of progressive rock. It is more symphonic, powerful and melodic than the first, adds vocals, but it is mostly instrumental. A recommended album for lovers of Steve HACKETT, CAMEL and SAGRADO CORAÇAO DA TERRA... A fine piece of progressive rock.