Featured Albums 18 May 2010: Anathema New Release & The Doors

'‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’ is Anathema’s most expansive album to date and by the far best thing we’ve ever done. Not only have we improved as writers, but because we took our time, we had the opportunity to select the very best material and concentrate on it. We gave the songs the chance to breathe and come alive by themselves and it’s ended up being magical – every song is as good as the rest of them. This album features the best performances by the band ever; Vincent’s greatest vocals and John’s and my best writing" - Danny Cavanagh
          The album was mixed by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

After watching the documentary on PBS the other night, When You're StrangeI decided this week would be a good time to revisit The Doors classic, self-titled first album.  The Doors' self-titled debut LP was released in the first week of January 1967. It featured most of the major songs from their set, including the nearly 12-minute musical drama "The End". The band recorded their first album at Sunset Sound Recording Studios from August 24 to 31, 1966, almost entirely live in the studio.