21 September 2010: Gryphon & Flamen Dialis

Red Queen to Gryphon Three is the third studio album made by the band Gryphon
Red Queen to Gryphon Three is a concept album around the game of chess. The music, which frequently evokes a medieval mood, blends and alternates among baroque, renaissance, English folk and progressive rock music styles. Themes are presented, developed and recapitulated in the style of Classical music.


Track listing

  1. "Opening Move" (Gulland, Harvey, Oberlé, Taylor) – 9:42
  2. "Second Spasm" (Gulland, Taylor) – 8:15
  3. "Lament" (Gulland, Nestor, Taylor) – 10:45
  4. "Checkmate" (Gulland, Harvey, Oberlé, Taylor) – 9:50

Line up


 Formed by keyboardist/drummer Didier Le Gallic, Flamen Dialis explores structured, abstract electronic patterns combined with "collage" sounds, acoustic elements (cello, flute.) and a theatrical sense of composition. There's a constant use of diverse vintage synth equipments. Published in 1978, Symptone-Dei is a reference in avant rock improvisations with electronic sounds. This band is sometimes compared to a "cosmic" version of Magma with lot of Mellotrons.