28 Dec 2010: Pulsar & Anglagard

Pulsar's second album, 'The Strands of the Future', is one of the definite and undisputable masterpieces of French prog, and together with their next recording 'Halloween', incarnates the band's peak in terms of inspired writing and skillful performing. Their style keeps on being somewhat inspired in 73-75 era Pink Floyd, but there are also obvious references to Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre's electronic excursions (powerful presence of multiple layers of synths and mellotrons), and also some compelling pastoral passages of flute and acoustic guitar in the 3-minute coda. (from "Orexis of Death" blog)
Studio Album, released in 1976 
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. The strands of the future (22:08)
2. Flight (2:37)
3. Windows (8:47)
4. Fool's failure (10:17)
Total Time: 43:49
Line-up / Musicians
- Victor Bosch / drums, percussion
- Gilbert Gandil / guitars, vocals
- Roland Richard / flute, strings
- Jacques Roman / organ, Mellotron, bass, synthesizers

Anglagard biography
Änglagård were a short-lived band who nonetheless generated critical acclaim and a loyal following in the early nineties with their brooding mellotron and synth heavy sound that also featured virtuoso percussionist Mattias Olsson and classically trained flautist Anna Holmgren.
Änglagård's sound is rich in mellotron, Hammond and piano, and a brooding wash of guitars and bass/bass pedal accented by Holmgren's moody and precise flute. The band's compositions are characterized by long, often instrumental tracks with significant tempo shifts and sometimes intense guitar flourishes. The Epilog album is instrumental in its entirety, and many of the tracks are distinguished by striking passages from Johnson's grand piano. Early Porcupine Tree also comes to mind, particularly when listening to Epilog. 

Mattias Olsson: drums, cymbals and percussion
Johan Högberg: bass
Thomas Johnson: Hammond organ, mellotrons and other keyboards
Jonas Engdegård: guitars
Tord Lindman: guitars
Anna Holmgren: flute

Åsa Eklund: voice
Martin Olofsson: violin
Karin Hansson: viola and double bass
Jan Christoff Norlander: cello

All music was written and arranged by Änglagård
Pictures by Rut Hillarp
The poems to Rösten (The Voice) and Sista Somrar (The Last Summer) were written and translated by Rut Hillarp. The other poems were snatched from the wind, those poems were translated by Christian Holmgren.

The music was recorded in Herman Palmsalen on Ekerö on 28th of July and in Studio Largen between 29th of July and 28th of August 1994. Mixed in Studio Largen between 3rd and 11th September 1994.
Sound engineer: Roger Skogh
Mixed and produced by Änglagård and Roger Skogh