28 June 2011: Matt Stevens & Interstellar

The Canadian band was formed in 1998 by Rob Boak (guitar, bass, keyboards) and Denis Dufour (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals).[1] The debut album, Late Night Tea, was released in 2000 on Mother Superior Records.[1] Cam Lindsay of Exclaim! described the record as sounding like it had been recorded "at four in the morning", comparing it with Spiritualized and Tortoise.[2] Second album ToSleepToDreamToWake was recorded over three years and issued in 2004 on Plan Eleven Records, charting across Canada.[3] It was described by Darren Eke of Exclaim! as containing "varying degrees of jazz, psychedelia and electro-pop, which are often aided by atmospheric guitar or synthesiser textures to enhance its up-tempo electronic lustre",[4] and by Wavelength as "a sublime mix of multiple instrumentals and lovely spacey ambience"
Matt Stevens
From Matt Stevens: "It is just me, a guitar and a loop pedal in front of an audience at the Electric Garden Festival in May 2011. There is a full review of the festival here."