13 September 2011: Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Brazil) & Greylevel

Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (Brazil) biography
INVISIBLE OPERA COMPANY OF TIBET is a code name created by Daevid Allen (Gong), which original idea is, as he says, 'an international ideological/spiritual/aesthetic communications network for artists of all kinds who share the common vision of warm hearted, pan-stylistic, inclusive art forms which serve the drive towards conscious evolution'. Subsequently different band versions originated whilst picking up this spirit with more than 50 members and ex-members around the globe.

The Brazilian branch, initially provided with the suffix 'Tropical Version Brazil', manifested around 1988/89 when guitarist Fabio Golfetti of the psych prog band Violeta De Outono contacted Allen with the intention to collaborate. They recorded the first single 'Numa Pessoa Só' in 1989 and two years later their debut 'The Eternal Voice' came out, musically a mix of ambient, glissando and ethno/world element.  Glissando Spirit is the album we will hear this evening, released in 1993.
Hailing from the wild west coast of Canada, Greylevel crafts a unique blend of progressive and emotional rock music.
From humble beginnings as a solo studio project, Greylevel has since evolved into a full-fledged band. Brought together by shared passion for creating original music that aims to transport the listener into worlds of sound.  Opus One was their first album.