11 Dec 2012: Matt Stevens (Spencer Park Music Sampler)& Organic Space

UK prog guitar virtuoso Matt Stevens offers a grab bag of his solo recordings, Yonks (his collaboration with producer and electronica artist, Lextrical), and his band The Fierce And The Dead on the Spencer Park Music Sampler 2012. Matt is on a roll lately and his talent is being recognised as an important artist by the UK prog press.
Some of the stuff hasn't been released before, making it worthwhile for his longtime followers.
Matt Stevens: Spencer Park Music Sampler 2012 Download it for free from his website.
  1. The Fierce And The Dead - On VHS 04:52
  2. Matt Stevens - Sand (Part 2) Extended Mix 05:29
  3. Yonks - Yonks 8 05:27
  4. Matt Stevens - Frost 02:47
  5. Matt Stevens - Dolls House (Dandelion Radio Sessions Version) 14:01
  6. The Fierce And The Dead - 666...6 04:42
  7. Matt Stevens - Eleven 02:35
  8. The Fierce And The Dead - Andy Fox 06:09