31 May 2016: The Durutti Column & Carlos Santana/Bill Laswell

The Durutti Column are an English post-punk band formed in 1978 in Manchester, England.[2] The band is a project of guitarist and occasional pianist Vini Reilly who is often accompanied by Bruce Mitchell on drums and Keir Stewart on bass, keyboards and harmonica.  Tonight we'll be playing selections from  Live at the Bottom Line New York:   (US ROIR - cassette only release in 1987, CD issued in 1993 – CD reissue in 1999 re-titled "A Night In New York" with bonus track but mistakes in track listing)

In 2001, Bill Laswell, responsible for remixes of albums by Bob Marley and Miles Davis, mixed and remixed excerpts of Santana's Illuminations and Love Devotion Surrender,[20] on an album called Divine Light.[21]    
  Love Devotion Surrender is an album released in 1973 by guitarists Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin, with the backing of their respective bands, Santana and The Mahavishnu Orchestra. The album was inspired by the teachings of Sri Chinmoy and intended as a tribute to John Coltrane. It contains two Coltrane compositions, two McLaughlin songs, and a traditional gospel song arranged by Santana and McLaughlin.