19 October 2010: Hecenia & Collegium Musicum

Founded by former Elohim members, brothers Jean-Paul Trutet and Daniel Trutet, along with Delphine Douillard, and keyboard maestro Thierry Brandet. This would prove to be mainly a Brandet venture, as the Trutets did not stay for the second album. Brandet is also the primary composer.

The name is taken from a mysterious community of ancient Jews, called the esséniens, who lived in the desert of Judea. Almost nothing was known about them until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were dislodged by the Romans, at the time of the Jewish revolution.

As you may have guessed, Keyboards reign supreme with this group. There are the usual comparisons to Genesis, Yes, and even Marillion. The most obvious influence is Rick Wakeman, but there is more. Douillard's Harp is quite unique in the realm of rock music. Classical composers, and France itself, are in the mix, thus giving a unique flavor to Hecenia.   (from ProgArchives.com)

Collegium Musicum is an art-rock band from Czechoslovakia and was established by stable member Marián Varga 1969. Prevalent in the band´s repertory are instrumental compositions, comprising re-interpretations of classical music themes (Haydn, Bartók, Stravinskij …), and original compositions bearing the first signs of artistic post-modernism (Euphony from the album Convergencie). The story of this band was published in book by musician and music reviewer Marián Jaslovský. Star formation of Collegium Musicum were Marián Varga (hammond organ, keyboards, piano), bassguitarist Fedor Frešo and drummer Dušan Hájek. Collegium Musicum played in various formations, also with guitarists Rasťo Vacho (from Blues Five), Pavel Vaňě (from Synkopy 61 and Progress Organization), František Griglák (later Fermáta) and others. In early days Collegium Musicum played with guitarist Fedor Letňan. Latňan was fired and replaced by Rasťo Wacho from Blues Five. Rasto Vacho left the band first time when he gone studied. Collegium Musicum requested Pavel Vaňě and they record first debut EP. After return of Rasťo Vacho they record debut LP “Collegium Musicum”. (from Last.FM)