FreeForm Spotlight 06 Oct 2010: Jean-Pierre Alarcen

Jean-Pierre Alarcen's classic Tableaux Number 1 from 1979 will be featured on today's spotlight.In 1979, he released his second album, "Tableau No. 1". This work in three movements has more ambient (somewhat The ENIDish) and symphy qualities, but also has jazz and Zeuhlish elements. It's more in the romantic "classical" (to mix my eras in a poor turn of phrase) with melodic rock styled camp than before, but with dramatic contrast. Soft ambient music turns into jazzy guitar driven rock. Allan Holdsworth springs to mind as a possible influence on his guitar work here, as well as McLaughlin. The third movement in particular has exciting funky bass guitar-driven work. It ends with music that rather reminds me of Toto's "Dune" soundtrack.  (from ProgArchives)Alarcen, Jean-Pierre [France]
Jean Pierre Alarcen (78), Tableau (80)
Alarcen was the guitarist in the one-shot french group Sandrose. After Sandrose he had two albums: JPA and Tableau. Tableau which is very symphonic, is basically one long piece spanning both sides of the album, vaguely comparable to stuff like The Enid, but a little more low key for the most part. Jean Pierre Alarcen is a more guitar oriented album with some fusion leanings, but not overtly so, which features excellent guitarwork and some brilliant writing. Both are available together on one CD.