23 Nov 2010: Rare Bird & Quidam

Rare Bird was a progressive rock band founded in 1969. They were formed in England, but had more success in other European countries than they did at home. They are mostly remembered for the haunting, organ based track "Sympathy". It sold one million copies globally.[1]
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 (Angel's Dream) Studio Album, released in 1998
If you're a prog fan looking for the cream of the nineties progressive releases then add Poland's QUIDAM to your list. Influenced by MARILLION and CAMEL, this band elegantly blends harmonies, refined arrangements and diversity of orchestrations (keyboards, cello, flute, oboe, strings).

The neo prog style guitar playing is interlaced with haunting flute, cello that evokes depth, female vocals and keyboards that give an orchestral fullness to the music. Their style is a melodic, text-based (female vocals) symphonic rock. The rhythms intensify, the symphonic keyboard textures thicken and the electric guitar plays long melancholic notes. QUIDAM is certainly the main and most appreciated act to have emerged from this field, with ABRAXAS and COLLAGE.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Awakening / Prezebudzenie (1:48)
2. Angels Of Mine / Moje Anioly (4:21)
3. An Apple Dream / Morelowy Sen (5:17)
4. Cheerful / Wesoła (6:59)
5. Little Bird With No Legs / Beznogi Maly Ptak (4:06)
6. One Small Tear / Łza (4:56)
7. Behind My Eyes / Pod powieką (13:57)
8. Awakening (Dawn Of Hope) / Przebudzenie (świt nadziei) (4:07)
9. There is Such a Lonely House / Jest Taki Samotny Dom (5:31)
Total Time: 51:02
Line-up / Musicians
- Emila Derkowska / vocals, cello, backing vocals
- Zbyszek Florek / piano, keyboards
- Rafal Jermakow / drums, percussion
- Maciek Meller / guitars
- Radek Sholl / bass
- Jacek Zasada / flute

- Michal Wojciechowski / basson (5)
- Witold Ekielski / oboe (5-7)
- Malgorzata Lachowics / violin (9)
- Karolina Chwistek / violin (9)
- Magdalena Wróbel / viola (9)
- Dominika Miecznikowska / cello (9)