07 May 2013: Ian Boddy Din 42 "Liverdelphia" + KRAAN

DiN42 | Ian Boddy | Liverdelphia 
  Limited to 555 copies

In the autumn of 2012, Ian Boddy played two concerts on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The first was his fourth solo appearance at the Gatherings, hosted by Chuck van Zyl, in Philadelphia, USA. Four weeks later he then played at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool, UK. There might have been over 5,000 kilometres separating the two gigs but Boddy played the same set at each and both his performances were multi-track recorded.
Back in his studio Boddy then proceeded to edit the audio down to a single CD length and to merge the two shows to create a composite concert. Nothing additional was added, but rather, a careful mix was made of the best sections from each performance to create a unique album that was true to the spirit of the original concerts.
In the field of electronic music, Boddy has played live more times than most. He is currently clocking in at around 150+ concerts and the effortless way he manipulates his music in a live setting is a testament to this experience. The music rises and falls in a series of organic, analogue soundscapes. Beautiful moments of musical tenderness are contrasted with large, grandiose orchestrations. The sequencer sections crackle and sparkle with pent up analogue power, with Boddy weaving a web of intricate Moog solo lines and mellotron chords.

The album is released in a strictly limited edition run of 555 copies, in a beautifully designed digipak, featuring the "pumpkin synth" design by Chuck van Zyl for the posters of the Philadelphia show. Thus "Liverdelphia" is a perfect showcase for the unique style of live electronic music created by this well respected UK musician.


Kraan is a German band based in Ulm and formed in 1970. It had several minor hits through the 1970s and 1980s. After a break of ten years, the group reunited in 2000. Their early style can be described as Krautrock that turned later to fusion, combining elements of both rock and jazz.
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Kraan (Wiesbaden 2008-05-25).jpg

Kraan in Wiesbaden (25. May 2008)
Background information
Origin Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Genres Krautrock
Jazz fusion
Years active 1970–1990;2000–present
Labels Spiegelei/Intercord, EMI, Wintrup Music
Website http://www.kraan.de

Members Peter Wolbrandt
Hellmut Hattler
Jan Fride

Past members Ingo Bischof
Johannes „Alto“ Pappert
Udo Dahmen
Joo Kraus
Gerry Brown
Eef Albers
Mark McMillen
Tommy Goldschmidt