2019 04-18: DiN @ 20

DiN | Ian Boddy Newsletter April 2019


DiN @ 20 

It is with great pleasure that I'd like to announce the 20th anniversary of DiN.

If in any way you can help spread this news or feature DiN in your programming or blogs that would be much appreciated.

Yes I can't quite believe it myself. Twenty years of producing & releasing albums on the DiN label. It was in April 1999 that the first 3 albums were released, namely Box Of Secrets (DiN1), Distant Rituals (DiN2) & Strange Geographie (DiN3). Since then there have been 58 physical releases in total on the main DiN label, 22 download only albums on the DiNDDL sub-label & last year the launch of the Tone Science sub-label with the first 2 compilations released on CD featuring various musicians working within the field of new modular.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion an old friend of mine, Sid Smith, who used to frequent Spectro Arts Workshop in my formative years back in 1978 - 1982 has written a nice piece about the history of DiN. Not only is Sid a professional writer (most notably the author of In The Court Of King Crimson) but he also joined myself for several pre-DiN meetings in local pubs whilst I was formulating my ideas for DiN in 1998. It thus seems suitably apt for Sid to give his viewpoint on the DiN label.


To help with the celebratory spirit there will also be free downloads (you can of course feel free to chip a few pennies into the DiN pot) of the 5 current DiN sampler albums as well as the 2 DiNDDL compilation albums. The CD versions of the 5 DiN iNDEX albums will be @ 50% off their usual price so that's just £2.50 (+ VAT where applicable & postage).

iNDEX01 (DiN10) download (covers DiN1 - 9)
iNDEX02 (DiN20) download & CD (covers DiN11 - 19)
iNDEX03 (DiN30) download & CD (covers DiN21 - 29)
iNDEX04 (DiN40) download & CD (covers DiN31 - 39)
iNDEX05 (DiN50) download & CD (covers DiN41 - 49)
Submission 01 (DiNDDL10) download (covers DiNDDL01 - DiNDDL09)
Submission 02 (DiNDDL20) download (covers DiNDDL11 - DiNDDL19)

This special celebratory offer will run until May 17th - which will be the release date for the next DiN album. This will be Altair (DiN59) a double live album of my performances last Autumn in Philadelphia, USA, at the Gatherings Concert series & on the Star's End Radio show.

More news on this in the next Newsletter but for now here is a demo mix of this special album on Soundcloud.

Altair (DiN59) demo mix