14 May 2019: IDMf / Gerhard Jason / Bards of Antiquity / Tidsrymd

Tonight's show veers away from the mostly electronica full albums of recent programs in order to feature a number of artists who deserve more airplay and recognition.  FreeForm Radio's mission since its beginnings in 1987 has been to play music not usually heard on public or commercial radio.  With the advent of Internet Radio and Streaming Services, it's difficult to find music that hasn't been played elsewhere, so we do our best to spotlight artists who deserve more airplay and recognition.
So here we go!
From the IDMfNetLabel Bandcamp page:
What do you get when a group of IDMf producers join forces to make sweet sweet music together? You get...Date Nite. Our 56th release features the tracks of 10 IDMf artists who paired up for the first time, bringing these 8 beautiful, musical love-children into being. Some are fast, some are slow, some are chill, and some are in your face, but all of these tracks are aimed to please, and were selected by the IDMf community to bring to you.  Their Facebook page is here.

released May 11, 2019

Cover art by Jayson Abalos
Mastering by James Pingel

Released by the IDMforums Netlabel and the community at idmforums.com
May 11, 2019
ambient chillstep drum & bass drumstep electronic idm electronica United Kingdom
From Gerhard Jason's Bandcamp page:
lo-fi for Headphones is an Experiment album infused with elements of Sound Art, Industrial, Spoken Word Poetry, Anti-Folk, and Noise. As a Sound Collage it is at times beautiful, peaceful; hopeful. At other times, it is angry, disturbing, and frightening. It is a little like life in that way. Sometimes it hurts.

lo-fi for Headphones is not intended to be played in a random order, which is why no song can be purchased individually. One song leads into the next. It is a journey. Plug in your headphones and listen from track one through to thirty. Use the first minute or so of the first track to set a comfortable listening level. Sometimes you will have to listen closely to hear what is going on, and that is okay. At other times, the sounds will get quite loud, and that is also okay. It is never so loud that it could damage your eardrums, but it is loud enough to make you uncomfortable.

lo-fi for Headphones is influenced by bands such as Leather Strip and Skinny Puppy; by the song Revolution #9 by The Beatles, and by certain segments of Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, Smile.

released April 16, 2011

Gerhard Jason resides in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He has been playing guitar since 1995 and he began experimenting with different sounds and techniques in 2000, after the birth of his first daughter. lo-fi for Headphones was recorded between 2000 and 2005. In 2011 it was released as a sixteen track EP on Amazon titled, The Beautiful Noise. More recently, Gerhard removed the EP from Amazon’s catalogue and re-imagined it as a full album. Gerhard went back to the tracks that he’d originally recorded, which hadn’t been included in the early 2000s, and gave them the place they deserved. Along with these tracks, for the sake of continuity, Gerhard added three songs that were recorded more recently.

Gerhard is currently at work on an acoustic Anti-Folk album titled, Mixed States. A rough demo, in its entirety, can be heard here: soundcloud.com/gerhard-jason-geick/the-rough-mixed-states-demo

anti-folk electronic experimental guitar industrial mandolin noise sound art anti-folk industrial noise sound art Edmonton
From Bards of Antiquity's Bandcamp page:
Self-exiled star traveler escapes the pressures of existence through severe isolation and deep hibernation, only to succumb to the irresistible pull of dark oblivion.
released October 31, 2017
The Bards of Antiquity is a recording project led by John Vincent Carpetta with guest musicians on select tracks. Self-produced, they craft concept albums telling tales of love and death, inspired by the classics.  Their Facebook page here.
alternative experimental progressive rock adult alternative rock alternative rock psychedelic rock rock space Concord

We end tonight's show with the ambient sounds of our final artist, Tidsrymd from Gothenberg, Sweden and the release I juliaskan, released September 23, 2018; All songs composed and produced by Johan Ohlsson; Mastered by Joakim Westlund.  Their Facebook page here.
Johan Ohlsson:
The EP is called "I juliaskan", which translates "In the Ashes of July". The title came about halfway into making the title track, during the autumn of 2018. What I heard reminded me of the forest fires, which plagued a few areas of Sweden during the summer and were very difficult get under control.

That summer had somewhat of a strange feeling to it, because of recurrent thunder with little or no rain, dry grass everywhere, different reports of the fires and farmers having to make emergency slaughters due to drought. I won't go into politics, but I think during that summer the concept of climate change became something close to home for the first time to a lot of people in Sweden.

"Dagvild" is a Swedish expression, which means that you don't know which day of the week it is. To me, at least, it associatively follows the theme of summer.

The track "Sinnesro" seems to be your typical relaxation music, but it has some slightly unnerving detuning and dissonance in there, to create a sort of contrast.

This is the First EP I've made on my own, after playing in bands for a couple of years, and I made most of it quite fast in a sort of rush of inspiration during my free weekends. I hope you'll enjoy it – or that you'll enjoy something else. šŸ™‚