15 October 2019. Tone Science Module No.3 Cosines and Tangents (DiN:TS03) / Candy L "Forest Dreams"

Tone Science sub-label, from DiN records, continues to explore the world of modular synth music.

Following the success and critical acclaim of the first two Tone Science compilation albums, DiN label boss Ian Boddy has collated another nine tracks from musicians of varying backgrounds working in the realms of modular synthesis.

Three of these names will be familiar to DiN listeners whereas the other six are new to the label.
Thus the album opens with a shimmering soundscape from American ambient pioneer Robert Rich who has previously collaborated with Boddy on three DiN releases. Well known for his infamous “sleep concerts” Rich here focuses in on the sonic details that modular synthesisers can offer the composer. The following two tracks by Caspar Hesselager and Little Ambient Machine show beautifully how a simple melodic sequenced phrase can be shifted, fractured and refocused in the analogue domain.

The mid album section then features two very different tracks with a more experimental feel. Radek Rudnicki cleverly mixes samples of traditional Japanese music controlled in the modular world with great swathes of analogue synth whereas Eden Grey uses her...  more


releases October 18, 2019

1. Robert Rich Cyclosporum 6:32
A simple keyboard improvisation, playing chords through an arpeggiator, into an analog shift register to create four voices of shimmering repetition. 

2. Caspar Hesselager The Divided Apparatus 8:51
Made on a Make Noise Shared System, patched and recorded within a few hours to one stereo track. A simple pattern is developed in different ways in terms of accents and timbre.

3. Little Ambient Machine Anemones 9:02
Anemones is a ‘more or less’ generative patch using only 3 sound sources and fx. The heart of this patch is Chance in conjunction with an O&C quantizer, providing random triggers and pitch.

4. Radek Rudnicki En-Edge 7:04
En-Edge explores re-contextualisation of traditional Japanese music with granular and FM synthesis. I use recordings of Buddhist chants from Kyoto, featuring Biwa master Shoukou Okada and Shoei Mizo. 

5. Eden Grey AVA 2 7:27
A sonic meditation composed with my custom Eurorack modular synthesizer, focusing on the slow rhythmic dispersion of sounds combined with a drone vibe.  I am concentrating on the tones created with subtle movements & the silences between them. 

6. Benge Round #2 6:02
Having set up a tone-sequence on ARP2500 I then processed some percussive loops on MODCAN-A, making use of the CV-Recorder, which can be used as a crude audio sampler.

7. d’Voxx Angel 5:34
Angel, a performance composition for new modular instrument. Centred upon both analogue & digital voices, modulation and sequenced under control voltage, it invokes a transient spirit trapped in the twilight.

8. Redshift Berserker 7:48
Music for me is about one thing and one thing only, emotion. Without that everything else is irrelevant.

9. Jogging House Hands 6:30
Hands is about the sensation you feel, when the touch of a loved one pulls you out of your daydreams and back to reality - just to drift off again afterwards.


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Forest Dreams. An ambient, dark ambient soundtrack for events imagined. As much about "sound" and perception as about music.
Loosely based on the "War Of The Worlds" by Orson Welles.

I thank Colin Blake (Playman 54) for his amazing and haunting synth work on "Whose Woods These Are"


released December 9, 2016

All compositions and music by Candy L except "Whose Woods These Are" by Candy L & Colin Blake (Playman 54)

All of my music is created with the following: Yamaha MM6 synthesizer, Yamaha 61 key digital, Novation Launchkey, Alesis QX49 midi keyboard, with occasional live guitar, bass or other, instrumentation. Software used: Kontakt, Reaktor, VStation, Bass Station, Replika, Valhalla, Hypersonic, Guitar Rig, VS20, Izotope, Ableton Live, Protools, Blocks Wired, Kontour, Kinetic Metal and numerous other vst FX.


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