10 September 2019: Lobate Scarp / Markus Reuter

We are honored to feature the new EP from Lobate Scarp, Spirals and Portals, released today.  This is an outstanding release and highly recommended.  We will also revisit their full-length release Time and Space.  We urge you to support this band by following them on Bandcamp and purchasing their music.

From the Lobate Scarp Bandcamp page:

Somewhere between Pink Floyd, Queen, Yes, and Nine Inch Nails, Lobate Scarp's unique Progressive Space-Opera Rock music will surely take you on a musical journey you won't forget.

“Highly recommended for fans of symphonic prog”- Jerry Lucky,
Prog Rock Files

“Absolutely brilliant stuff!”- Kevin Mulryne, Yes Music Podcast

 Spirals and Portals track list:


And We Tried

Beautiful Light

Songs and Lyrics by Adam Sears

Woodwinds and Strings Arrangement on "Beautiful Light" by Steven Leavitt

12-string acoustic guitar arrangement on "Beautiful Light" by Rich Mouser

Adam Sears- lead vocals, synths, piano, and organs.
Andy Catt- bass (and vocals on track 3)
Mike Gerbrandt- drums
Andrea Whitt- viola (and pedal steel guitar on track 3)
Hoyt Binder- electric guitar (tracks 1, 2)
Rich Mouser- dilruba (1), additional guitar (2), 12-string acoustic guitar, mandolin, shaker (3), additional vocals (1,3)
Rachel Grace- violin (1,3)
Danica Pinner- cello (2)
Nate "The Fish" Olmos- electric 12-string and 6-string electric guitars, vocals (3)
Charlie Adelphia- oboe, English horn, flute, clarinet (3)
Steve Leavitt- additional piano and vocals (1,3) harmonium, reverse snares (1), B3 organ (2), and Moog, synth programming, maracas, tambourine...  more


releases September 10, 2019

Thank you to the following backers for help creating "Nothing Wrong" and "And We Tried":

Skot Fuchs
Andrew Griffin
Kim Henderson
Stefan Pietsch
Jean-Luc Putaux
Mason Rourman
Kelly Russo
Bill and Mary Ann Sears
Joel Sears
Judy and Steve Sears
Diane Stroud
Wolfram Wiessbrodt

Special thanks to backer Thomas Wunram.


all rights reserved


Time and Space is an AOR rock-opera complete with Trumpets, Saxophone, Viola, Violin, Cello, Theremin, Glockenspiel, and a 30+ person choir singing in Latin. Alex Acuña (Weather Report) appears as a special guest percussionist in the opening 15-minute track and Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Neal Morse) mixed and mastered the album. Steve Leavitt produced and engineered.

"One of the top 13 albums of 2013!"- Progarchy.com (USA)

"Intriguing, refreshing, and inspiring mix of prog rock."- Diego Camargo, Progshine (Brazil)

"Highly recommended for fans of symphonic prog."- Jerry Lucky (Canada)

"Absolutely brillant stuff!" - Kevin Mulryne, Yes Music Podcast (UK)

"Great debut! highly recommended!" - Jürgen Meurer, Empire Magazine (Germany)

"The production is exceptional, the music is also exceptional. The band demonstrates they know what they want to do and they do it very well." - Carl E. Olson, Progarchy (USA)

"Wil je eens een keer verrast worden, dan is dit plaatje daar uitermate geschikt voor."- Ruard Veltmaat, Progwereld (Netherlands)

"'Time and Space' is a great debut album, one of the best...  more


released December 12, 2012

Produced by Steven Leavitt
Executive Producer: Adam Sears

Mixed and Mastered by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House, Los Angeles, California

Songs and Arrangements by Adam Sears.
Lyrics by Adam Sears, except Time and Space and Jacob's Ladder-
lyrics by Lonny White with additional lyrics by Adam Sears
Music by Lobate Scarp

©2012 Lobate Scarp

We will end the show with TOAP Camp Soundscapes 2019, a free download from Markus Reuter.