17 September 2019: Middle Eastern Contemporary Music / Candy L (Candy Lozier)

Following the Anthology of contemporary music from the African continent, this new collection released by Unexplained Sounds Group, focuses on experimental and alternative music from the Middle East and includes artists from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Israel, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Afghanistan, Cyprus. A kaleidoscope of sounds by artists rooted in their traditions, but at the same time projected towards the new frontiers of music. The minimal melody of Ahmed Saleh introduces us to the exploration of sound paths that unfold through the electronic experimentation of Cenk Ergun, the radical improvisation of Mazen Kerbaj, the pulsating and disturbed electronic of Tony Elieh, the noise drone of Nyctalllz, the tribal and psychedelic music, in the Velvet Underground style, by Afghan musician Naujawanan Baidar, the lysergic ambient of Bloom Tribe, just to mention some projects included in the compilation. An intricate and exciting sound puzzle in which the listener will find his favorite way to a new promised land of sound.

Raffaele Pezzella


released September 7, 2019


Avant Music News


1208 North Fuller Ave Apt 1

Edited by ©Unexplained Sounds Group
Curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst)
Design: Francesco Di Stasio
©2019. All rights reserved

Part of the profits coming from the release will be donated to charity and medical associations to help the countries where medical cares, medicines and food are much needed. 


Candy Lozier was a musical artist from NYS, US., who passed away recently.  She composed music and employed live instrumentation with electronics to create the music. Her music is ambient, dark ambient, cinematic, and more. She enjoyed composing for benefit causes. She was a radio show host with Modul 303 radio, Germany, and founder/curator of the Studio 4632 net label.  Her Facebook page is still up at this time.  She also has a page at ReverbNation.

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ambient cinematic dark ambient heavy metal ambient neoclassical soundtrack themed United States 

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