01 October 2019: A Tribute to Candy L (Candy Lozier)

Candy L aka Candy Lozier was a musical artist from NYS, US, , who passed away recently.  She composed music and employed live instrumentation with electronics to create the music. Her music is ambient, dark ambient, cinematic, and more. She enjoyed composing for benefit causes. She was a radio show host with Modul 303 radio, Germany, and founder/curator of the Studio 4632 net label.  Her Facebook page is still up at this time.  She also has a page at ReverbNation.

Tonight we are honored to featured her as yet unreleased collaboration with Cousin Silas entitled Scenes from Suburbia.  This is one of several collaborations between these two musicians and is a superb collection of ambient creations. Our thanks to Cousin Silas for graciously making it possible for us to play this album on the show.
We will also play selections from her Cosmic Traveler release.

#candyLmusic #studio4632 #folkambient #cinematic # neoclassical #immigrants 
ambient cinematic dark ambient heavy metal ambient neoclassical soundtrack themed United States 

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